Tuesday, April 29, 2008

PSYCHO Dance Mom!!

So I always new I would be a psycho dance mom, and I am!!! I took Stocktyn to a solo competition in early March and she has never left me alone because she wants to do a solo...So I entered her in a competition and she did it this last weekend and she did SO good!!! I was so proud of her. She did the entire thing all by herself, and of course she wants to do it again. She looked so cute running out on the floor, (I showed her where to stand before the comp. started)and she went right to her spot!! Cory doesn't know what he's in for! He was so nervous also, it was a horrible film job, the camera was shaking like crazy!! I'm a horrible blogger, I'm having a hard time even updating!! Here's some cute pics, I'm also going to try to put the video on but my mom has my camera right now so I will try later!

This my niece Starrlyn w/ Stockyn, she is an awesome dancer!! Stockyn loves her and always says she wants to be a dancer just like her!!