Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Cute Girls!!

WOW!!! Can you believe I did 2 posts in 2 weeks!!! I'm doing pretty good! I was just looking at my daughters beautiful pictures and I just had to put them up! A girl in my ward is a photographer and she does such a wonderful job!!! She did my girls pictures a little while ago and I can't believe I haven't put them up yet, so here they are! (There isn't vey many of Sawyer because she wasn't sitting up at the time and we couldn't get very many of her, and she started to get hungry, and everyone knows how it is...)

The cutest TOOSHY in the world!!!!!
I have the CUTEST GIRLS!!!!! They are so much fun!!! I was afraid they weren't going to turn out because Stocktyn just kept posing for the camera, but they turned out great!! I feel so bad, I don't have very many pictures of Sawyer...2nd child syndrome!=( My next blog will have to be all about SAWYER!!! I love my girls!

Monday, August 18, 2008


I really can't believe how busy I have been lately. July was SO busy and out of control, and at that moment I don't know if I can handle it but then I look back at it and I really do love what I do!!! I think alot of the time I feel bad about leaving my kids to go and teach and especially during July it was so crazy. I was teaching camp after camp and teaching at night so HOLY COW I was one tired mama. Well, the funny thing that happened today is Stocktyn asked me if I was going to teach and I was all excited to tell her "NO, I get to stay home today and we get to spend the whole day together, just you, Sawyer, & mommy". You would've thought she'd be happy, but instead she says "No I want you to teach because I want to play with Courtney!" (Courtney is my nanny). So it really made me feel happy because she doesn't mind as much as I thought she did when I'm not around! She LOVES Courtney and her whole family, and I do to! The mom's name is Debbie and she treats them just like their her grandkids, she even tells people that their her grandkids! I just love knowing that my kids are being well, taken care of and that they love who they are with!
Well, here are some fun pics. Since I am a horrible blogger and can't ever update I have to do it in chunks...So here's the last few months!
Stocktyn & Sawyer in there fun St. Patrick's day outfits!! Stocktyn is such a poser!!! She poses for EVERYTHING!!!! Here are some more of her poses!

Posing with her dead fish!! With her Barbie Escalade she got for her birthday!!

*Being Goofy before dance.
*She put on her build a bear hula top.
*Receiving a Nebulizer Treatment for wheezing!

She is out of control!! Every time you get the camera she is posing and smiling. When I'm done getting her ready for the day I always say let me see ya...and of course she STRIKES A POSE!!

Sawyer & Dash (My sister's little boy!)-Aren't they the cutest!!Here's Cory with the girls on the 4th down at my cabin. The town is so small that the parade goes through the town, turns around and comes back!! The kids love it!

*Sawyer's hair is OUT OF CONTROL!! She has so much of it!
*Stocktyn always crawls in the crib with Sawyer and plays with her-I LOVE IT!!
*Just Sawyer being CUTE,CUTE, CUTE!!

My sisters-in -law with their cute kids! Stocktyn with her candy bag from the parade!

Sawyer ALWAYS falls asleep with her foot hooked to her carseat!! She is such a good little girl and is always HAPPY!

I can't believe she is already 3. Her birhtday was in May and she said she wanted a PURPLE party-She loves the color purple. So on her birthday I made her purple pancakes, eggs, & milk. She thought it was pretty neat!!

When we pulled up to Lagoon Stocktyn saw the white roller coaster and said to me"I want to go on that one first!!". She is a little dare devil she loves the rides, the only big ride that she could go on was the Tidle Wave and she loved it!! I can't wait til she's bigger so she can go on the big stuff.
We had so much fun...We went with my sister and her kids and Cory's brother and his wife and their little boy!

Well, I am sure this is enough for another couple of months!!! So I hope everyone is doing great!! Even though I don't update my blog I love to take a quick peek at all of yours!!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

PSYCHO Dance Mom!!

So I always new I would be a psycho dance mom, and I am!!! I took Stocktyn to a solo competition in early March and she has never left me alone because she wants to do a solo...So I entered her in a competition and she did it this last weekend and she did SO good!!! I was so proud of her. She did the entire thing all by herself, and of course she wants to do it again. She looked so cute running out on the floor, (I showed her where to stand before the comp. started)and she went right to her spot!! Cory doesn't know what he's in for! He was so nervous also, it was a horrible film job, the camera was shaking like crazy!! I'm a horrible blogger, I'm having a hard time even updating!! Here's some cute pics, I'm also going to try to put the video on but my mom has my camera right now so I will try later!

This my niece Starrlyn w/ Stockyn, she is an awesome dancer!! Stockyn loves her and always says she wants to be a dancer just like her!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Our Crazy Year!

So until yesterday I didn't even know what "BLOGGING" was!! Some friends persuaded me to do it so here I go!!! So much has changed in this last year it's crazy!! I am all finished with cheer at the studio for this year-and oh boy has it been a hard year but it sure ended up great! All 4 squads received 1st place at Nationals in Vegas and 3 out of the 4 received Grand Champs, they looked great and I was so proud of them. My older squad was a bit of struggle, but they worked hard and they ended up doing great at all the competitions! Part of the reason this year was so stressful was because of our unexpected, but WONDERFUL SURPRISE....

(She is just a couple of weeks in this picture.)

She is definetely a blessing and you wouldn't believe how much Stocktyn lover her!! She always calls her "My baby"-She is always asking me "Mommy, where's my baby?", she has never had a problem with her and she is so cute & gentle with her.

We have had a fun year with alot of things going on. Last July we went to Disneyland with my sister and her family and it was so much and I can't wait to go back with Stocktyn-she is always talking about it and she had so much fun. She is such a dare devil she wanted to go on all the big rides-splash mountain, etc. She loved the train and didn't want to get off, she loved watching the parade, especially the princesses-Belle is her favorite and she even got a belle dress. She really wanted to go on this small roller coaster in toon town so her and Cory got in line and when they got to the front she was just barely too small and they wouldn't let her ride...All hell broke loose-she was so upset and it took her awhile to get over it-then we found the Dumbo ride and she was ok!! I loved going with my sister and spending that time with her and her family, they are so much fun and Ace (He is the younger one) he is so crazy!!! I just love them too much!! My sister and I were both 7 months pregnant so I don't know what we were thinking about when we decided to go to California in JULY!!! Disneyland wasn't that bad, but then we went to the Wild Animal Park and HOLY COW...We thought we were going to die-it was not fun. I think the Hoggle Zoo is just as good!! We also went to Sea World and Stocktyn loved seeing the dolphin show and also the Shamu show. There was 5 min. left of the show and she told me she had to go to the bathroom, I didn't think she had to go that bad and stupid me-she went pee in her pants! She actually did really well, she had only been potty trained for 1 month and that was the only accident she had and it was really my fault!! We also went to the beach and Stocktyn did not want to have anything to do with the water, but she loved the sand. Ace on the other had LOVES the water and wanted to keep on going back in. It wasn't real warm but it was still fun. I can't wait to go back-Hopefully it's soon!
At the airport, ready to go!!

This was at one of our hotels-she is such a climber
and she isn't scared of anything!

She got sand in her mouth!

San Diego Wild Animal Kingdom

My sister and her CUTE kids!



My nephew; Justis, he thinks he's Spiderman!

My sister and her family & Cory & Stocktyn.

Her hands smelled like fish!!


All three kids!!

The plane ride home-She is totally a daddy's Girl!!

Then in September our little Sawyer came two weeks early. I was at the studio with Stocktyn (she had dance), and my water broke!! A couple of hours later, cute little Sawyer made her big debut!! She was so little (and still is) 5 lbs. 13 oz. she was born at 4:09 p.m.

Within the first couple of days at home I thought she was sounding kind of weird. I took her in and we found out that she has something called Trachial Malaysia (that's probably not how you spell it!) So whenever she breathes she is really loud! Then a couple of weeks later she caught an upper respiratory infection and was admitted into the hospital because her oxygen was low. She was in the hospital for 4 days and then came home on oxygen. She was on oxygen for about a week, then came off it on Halloween night!! She is doing much better now, and is finally eating alot!!

Once again she's climbing!!

The nurses made everyone wear a mask in the hospital room.

All the holidays are getting funner with Stocktyn-she is understanding so much more. She would actually say Trick or Treat at the doors and Cory just loved taking her around to the houses!! She was Supergirl at her dance party and Belle on Halloween and at her pre-school party. Sawyer was Cinderella and I got her dress from build a bear-can you believe it. Those pictures from our Halloween party are on my moms camera though!! Christmas was so fun-Stocktyn was so excited for Santa Claus to come!!

Stocktyn & her cousin at school!

It's alot of fun having 2 girls-I never thought I would want to dress them alike but I really do like it and it's a little hard considering Sawyer is still pretty small-But they looked pretty cute in their Valentines outfits!!

So this last year has been ALOT of fun and crazy-Cory works so much and our schedules are so opposite that we don't see each other very often-I always say we're just roomates that sleep in the same bed!! Now that spring is coming Cory is going to get even busier but my work load is going to slow down. Stocktyn has had a fun winter going sledding with her cousins and even in our front yard with Cory!! Here are some cute pics.

Stocktyn's first Dance Concert!

My dad with Sawyer and Dash (My sister's baby. He was born just 3 days after Sawyer.)

Stocktyn & Diego (My nephew just one month younger than Stocktyn)

Stocktyn's first day of school!!

Stocktyn's first day of dance!!